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B&B Casa Torpì si trova in una piccola palazzina di cinque piani con ascensore, in Via di Acqua Bullicante n. 110 (METRO C - Malatesta).
Tra la strada consolare Casilina e la stazione Tiburtina. Ben servito dai mezzi pubblici ed inserito in un contesto pieno di tutti i servizi necessari, a due passi dalla movida serale giovanile dell’isola pedonale del Pigneto.

B&B Casa Torpì is located in a small five floors building (with elevator).
Between Casilina road and Tiburtina Station. It is well served by public transport and placed in a context full of all necessary services. Few steps from the youth nightlife of the pedestrian area of Pigneto.

. In Aereo


Treno Regionale  per Stazione Roma Tiburtina (ogni 20 minuti - €8.00);

Autobus Terravision per Stazione Roma Termini (ogni 20 minuti - a partire da €4.00);

Autobus T.A.M. per Stazione Roma Termini (ogni 30 minuti - a partire da €4.00).


Bus 520 (direzione Cinecittà MA), Metro A (direzione Battistini) fino alla fermata Arco di Travertino, Bus 409 (Direzione Tiburtina MB) fino alla fermata Bullicante/Canosa.

. In Treno

Metro A (direzione Anagnina) fino alla fermata San Giovanni, cambio Metro C (direzione Alessandrino - Pantano) fino alla fermata Malatesta.


Bus 409 (direzione Arco di Travertino MA) fino alla fermata Bullicante/Canosa.

. In Auto

Uscita 18 - Direzione Casilina Centro per 6 km.
Parcheggio privato custodito in convenzione a pochi passi.

Possibilità di organizzare Trasferimento da/per Aeroporti e Stazioni ferroviarie.

Ask us for your Pick UP from the main Stations or Airports.


Some our tips to have a smoother holiday and a well experience in the Eternal City!


We are very close to the metro stop MALATESTA (Linea C – GREEN LINE) and we always recommend using public transport to visit the city but remember the transit system works well if you know how to use it! So, we are always at your disposal for any advice.
Tickets can be picked up in a cafè (BAR) or in a tobacconist (Tabacchi) but the best way is buy it in the subway. You can use these on any combination of buses, tram or metro ride: you can even reach the sea!

You can choose different one:
Single ticket at €1.50 - 100 minutes from the moment you stamp it!
24-hour pass at €7.00 -  24 hours from the moment you stamp it!
Two (€12.50) three-day (€18) or week's unlimited travel ticket (€24) (only on the ticket’s machines down the subway)!


Remember you can only take a taxi at official TAXI STOPS or call them at 06 06 09 (But remember to check the exact address where you are: this is an information that you will have to say on the phone with them.)


"All roads may lead to Rome" but... unless you not have a death wish, don’t plan on driving a car around the City Centre: It will be crazy and very chaotic! Most of the town is forbidden drive zone (ZTL) enforced by cameras,  so the best way is have a wonderful walk around or just take public transit or a taxi.
However, if you really want to come with your car, parking on Via di Acqua Bullicante is free and if you write us an email with your car model, we can always reserve for you the private parking with the best price.


Italy is a cash culture and, specially in Rome, American Express, Discover cards and others often are not accepted. So remember, if that’s how you prefer to pay, before you go into a restaurant o others shops make sure you ask if they take credit cards. If possible, tuck a Visa/Mastercard into your luggage before leaving and always take some cash with you.


Rome's 2,000-year-old gladiator arena often attracts two-hour queues. Booking online in advance allows you to bypass these. Online tickets cost €14 (€12 on the door).
Ticket is valid for 2 consecutive days and also covers entry to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, the wonderful series of ruins constructed by the age of Julius Caesar. If you have not buy your, come at this ticket office and the wait can be much shorter.


Off course you also have to Book online Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel’s ticket and you avoid terrible more hours in line scrum! HERE tickets are €21(instead of €17). Note well the respectful dress code: no shorts or show bare shoulders!


This special card covers entry to the first sight you visit out of a choice of 50 (with the 48-hour pass – the 72-hour pass includes entry to the first two sights) and also gives discounted entry to other sites and unlimited travel on Rome's public transport. The pass allows you to bypass the queues, though do note that the Vatican Museums are excluded.
A 72-hour pass costs €38.50, a 48-hour one €28.

The three-day Omnia card is dedicated to those who want a full optional holiday even if it’s not too cheap. It gives the benefits of the Roma Pass, but adds sites of religious interest, Hop- Off  Hop-On tour and wait-free entry to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

So, we are just waiting for you in Rome :-)
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